Presentation of EDA

Company presentation EDA Elektro Data AS

Since establishment in 1981, we have had a strong focus on to emerge as a leading company in electrical installation. EDA organization is prepared for the challenges of an increasingly demanding market.

We are 200 employees, divided into three companies: EDA Elektro Data AS (back office), EDA Oslo AS (operating company) and EDA Romerike AS (operating company). Turnover in 2014, 27 million Euros.

The goal is to offer all customers a rational and cost-effective total solution, based on individual needs.

EDA Elektro Data AS, department, EDA Elektro Management:

National strength

EDA Elektro Management (EDA EM) provides electrical services throughout Norway. We do this in partnership with approximately 130 installation companies with approx. 2000 electricians across the country. We have a unique national strength - without sacrificing local expertise and local presence.

Common to all of our national partners, the proven skills and that they place their pride in living up to the terms of signed agreements. Based on experience gained through 12 years, we have seen that this interaction works extremely well and allows us to be a supplier of electrical services for companies with localities and departments across the country.

EDA EM has its own call center (24/7), to ensure the effective management of national agreements. This means that we have the ability to adapt procedures according to customer requirements in connection with quality assurance, reporting, response time (4 hours), the status of jobs, etc.

We can provide centralized project reporting incl. single point of contact.